Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year New Blog!

So it has been 6 months since my last posting and my life has changed drastically since then! I am going to use an idea from a fellow Blogger friend and post and 11 in 11 blog to update you on my life/goals in the new year!

1. For starters, I really am going to try to make a better attempt at blogging more. I enjoyed it when I did it but life got busy and I kind of forgot about it. But I am back for a while now!

2. Since last posting my husband returned home safely from Afghanistan (YAY!) He got back on October 1st at about 330am. Life has been a lot calmer now and I am really excited looking into the new year.

3. I am now a resident of North Carolina. September 1st I moved down here. We are living on the beach and I couldnt ask for a more beautiful place to live. Moving down here alone was stressful but looking back I am so proud of myself. I got everything down here, found a place, moved in and got completely settled and set up a life for the 2 of us on my own. I think that experience made me a much stronger person. A lot of times things can seem so overwhelming but as long as you take it one step at a time it can be accomplished.

4. Justin is officially getting out of the Marine Corps in June. Looking back the last 4 years have really flown by even though a lot of the days dragged like years. It is bitter sweet that he is getting out and I know there will be a lot of things Im going to miss but, I am so ready to have my whole family together again. These last few years Ive always been missing someone no matter where I am.

5. Justin also recently applied for College and for his GI Bill benefits. He is going back to school for Criminal Justice and his uncle already set him up for a job right out of the military working as a correctional officer while he goes to school.

6. I have been having such a hard time down here in NC finding a job in my field. Ive worked at 2 different places since being here but nothing is panning out. I went to school for Accounting and Finance and there just arent any big businesses down here. But I went on an interview friday for a job actually in my field and I should be hearing from them tomorrow so fingers crossed!

7. Since homecoming, Justin and I have both gained weight. We are working on our food shopping list and exercise routines. We also got Xbox Kinnect last month and the game Dance Centeral is such a fun workout!

8. Another goal for the year is to catch up on my reading I have 3 magazines and 3 books that are just stacking up waiting to be read.

9. A big thing right now is me looking at jobs back home and places to live since I am moving home April 30th! It is coming up so quick!

10.Ive been trying to get into couponing. Especially after seeing the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. I just tonight bought 100 coupons off ebay for $1.50. Who knew you could buy coupons on ebay?

11. I want this to be a wonderful year all about change. Im excited for the challenges facing us and transitioning back into our civilian life!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

17 and counting

So Its been 17 days since the last time I heard from Justin. He called on the 4th of July and said he would call in 2 weeks which would have been Sunday. Now Im just playing the waiting game which we all know how fun that is. Ive been wanting to write a blog but when it gets to so many days It seems to the the only thing on my mind.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Waiting for that phone to ring...

Is it just me or does it seem like the further we get along in this deployment the farther away it seems? I mean we are approaching homecoming and looking back at all the time that has already passed, you would think I would be jumping for joy, almost getting my husband back. Instead, I feel like its longer than ever until he is home. He has already been gone way too long and another few months seems unbearable. I will do it, because what other choice do I have? But I dont think I will keep my sanity on the way. Justin last called on the 4th of July. He said he would call in 2 weeks. Now here it is July 18th, exactly 2 weeks on the day and Im waiting. Im just so tired of waiting. This all needs to hurry up and be over!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fitness Friday

This week I have been completely on track!! My eating is under control and Ive been working out. Ive veen eating small meals, lots of veggies, and snacks like goldfish, jello, and pretzels. These have been my workouts
Monday- 1 mile run
Tuesday -1 mile run
Wednesday- 2 mile run
Thursday- Rest Day
Friday- Run in the city, not sure how far but definitely hardest run of the week. I ran down at castle island in Boston. Its an area with a beach, an old revolutionary war fort, and 2 jettys that are paved that stick out into the water and meet with a big sitting area out on the water. I ran this today. I thought the wind would provide relief but instead it provided resistance.

I have also been trying to do workouts while I am watching tv like squats. weights. jumping jacks, pushups and bicycle crunches. I am trying really hard to stop stepping on the scale everyday. Justin got his mail cutoff date today so deployment is finally ending and I need to get in shape for my husband!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just a thought

Its 130am and like always Im awake unable to sleep. I have way too many thoughts on my mind, mostly bad, things I cant control. But, even though I have this nightly doom and gloom, there is something to look forward to. That is my favorite time of the day. I love when I first wake up in the morning. When I am struggling to wake up because of lack of sleep, still completely exhausted and my only concern is falling back to sleep. Its the one time of the day where I have no thoughts, where I dont think about the fact that my husband is deployed or anything else. As much as I hate trying to wake up, its the one time during the day I have a blank mind, and that is something I wish I had more often these days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After reading many blogs, I have picked up a few ideas of things I like that others do. Danielle's 10 on Tuesday and Katie's Fitness Friday. These are ideas I am going to steal. I like the idea of having set things to write about on certain days, that way it holds me accountible and my blog has different things to read about. I decided on Wednesdays I am going to start writing a checklist for the week of things I want to accomplish. Then the next week I will tell which things I did and my new list. This week here is my list

* Clean the car top to bottom. I have been looking online how to do auto detailing at home. Tomorrow before work, I'm headed to Walmart to buy some cleaning products and compressed air.

* Go through my clothes and donate the ones I do not wear anymore

* Run two more 2 mile runs and hopefully a 2.5 Mile

I would love to read about everyone elses weekly goals so post back in a comment!

Book Review

It is a rainy day here in Massachusetts and one of my favorite things to do on a day like this is sit inside with a good book. I have truly been slacking this summer on reading. Normally I do lots of reading at the beach but havent. Today I finally picked back up a book I have been in the process of reading for a long time, Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. So far its great. If anyone is looking for a good read I would reccomend anything by her. She is the author of My Sister's Keeper that was turned into a move recently. Although that book is good my all time favorite book by her is The Tenth Circle. I would reccomend this book to everyone, it was a couldnt put down book. Normally I buy books from Target but lately Ive been buying off Amazon, they are so much cheaper. Another author I like a lot is Jane Green. The book Jemima J but Swapping Lives I wouldnt reccomend. I know most people who read my blog are interested in military wife things. Sadly there are not many books on this topic but I think I have boughten them all. Chicken Soup for the Military Wife's Soul I like a lot. They are short stories by topic and very relatable. The other books are more know how books that are alright but geared toward every branch when we know the Marine Corps is very unique. One last thing is I wanted to try to start putting helpful info at the end of my blogs. Whether is be based on health, diet, fitness beauty, anything. I am constantly researching online and want to share some of the things I find.

Tidbit of the day: This website has podcasts that I download very often. It is called The one I follow is called the Nutrition Diva. She explores different diet topics that are very current. They are about 5 minutes long and will definitely help learn healthier eating tricks!